The artillery is a turret that can inflict damage to targets at long range. They are the only turret that have to turn at 90 degree angles manually, other turrets have 360 degree view. The left and right bumpers can move them to see enemies to the left, right and back of the turrets.


when playing versus battles it is common to see players building artillery on neutral build sites as this provides them with a way to directly destory the enemy turrets. a level 3 artillery for either side can make quick work of any turret.


  • Level I - A turret that fires normal shells and has steerable shells.
  • Level II - A turret with longer range and steerable shells. Has a MIRV ability to separate into 5 mini- MIRV shells for wider damage spread.
  • Level III - A tank-like vehicle with a large missile array comprising of 12 missiles. The reload time is longer than that of the previous  two forms of this vehicle. steering your projectiles is possible but one can only begin steering the shells after the last shell has been launched. 

Soviet UnionEdit

  • Level I - Same as the USA Default.
  • Level II - Same as the USA Upgrade 1.
  • Level III - A flatbed with a large intercontinental balistic missile (ICBM) tactical warhead. deals overpowering damage. Has longer reload than USA Upgrade 2 to compensate for damage spread.