A barrage is a reward for getting a certian number of kills in a turret or killing a unit with a red star above it. There are five barrages in the initial game with two extras by downloading the Evil empire and napalm epansion packs.


  • Nuclear Strike- Call in a nuclear bomb to eliminate enemies in a certian area.
  • Commando- Call in a rambo-like figure with a machine gun and a rocket launcher.
  • Artillery Barrage- Rain hell with a bunch of artillery shells.
  • Bombing Run- A B-52 (U.S.) or TU-95 (Russian) carpet bombs a perticular area on the map.
  • Close Air Support- Be the gunner of an AC-130.

Expansion Barrages:

  • Napalm Strike*-
  • Orbital Laser*-

requires expansion packs*