Name Picture Mission Description
Engineer's Debut Basic Training Upgrade any turret
Earning your Wings Basic Training Pilot an Attack Helo
Over the Top Jungle Heat Destroy 3 helicopters with Commando
Rat-a-tat-tat Jungle Heat Earn a Barrage with a Machine Gun turret
Hard Counter Beached Shoot down 10 helicopters with an Anti-Air turret
Air Support Beached Destroy 100 units with a Helo Gunship
Collateral Damage Panic at the Wall Destroy 20 parked cars
Stopping Power Panic at the Wall Destroy 5 Medium Tanks using an Artillery turret
Intimidation Mind the Gap Overkill 25 infantry with an IFV
Necessary Mind the Gap Overkill 10 ATVs with an Artillery turret
Oomphf Surrounded Earn 15 thrill rides against infantry
Helpful Surrounded Earn 50 assists.
Ardor Trouble at the Canal Torch 30 infantry with Napalm
Like a Fox Trouble at the Canal Do a barrel roll
Roman Holiday Deadly Dunes Destroy 25 units with the Makeshift III's Roman Candle
Lights Out Deadly Dunes Destroy 100 units while using night Vision
UnderTOW Rainy City Destroy 5 aircraft with the Anti-Tank III
The Sound Rainy City Repair 5 times
Danger Close Monumental Defense Call in a Nuclear Strike
Hip Fracture Monumental Defense Destroy 4 Helo Gunships with an Attack Helo
Miserable Pile of Soviets Capitol Crisis Earn a 100x combo
Spared No Expense Capitol Crisis Upgrade 10 times