Infantry are NPC foot soldiers appearing in all games modes except a few challenges

Regular Infantry

Regular infantry spawn in every single player level and are always the first enemies a player will face. They are weak, easily killed by any turret. In multiplayer, they spawn automatically from small huts in groups of 15 to 20 every few minutes and go straight to the other toy box. 

Elite Infantry

Elite Infantry only spawn from transports like IFVs and Transport helicopters. They carry rocket launchers and are much harder to kill. Unlike regular infantry, they represent a threat to turrets and ground units as they can fire rockets. Their transports will carry them to a pre-determined point (marked by red smoke) and drop them off.


Soviet Infantry carry AK-47s, wear either a winter camouflage or just a green uniform, and a bullet proof vest. American infantry use M-16s, wear a green camouflage, and body armor. However, infantry have several variations, including a backpack or no helmet. In every wave, 2 soldiers will carry their faction's flag.
Elite Infantry wear the same uniform, but carry RPG-7s(soviets) or the M72 LAW recoilless rifle (US) and are seen with gas mask.


Regular Infantry spawn from one or 2 small tents, and before they spawn a flare is shot up and a whistle blown. Regular Infantry may be airdropped as an attack wave or come from vehicles. Elite infantry deploy by transport helicopters and IFVs. Infantry Transports are hard to destroy until they deploy infantry, where they than will lose a large amount of their hit points. Infantry deployed in vehicles will always deploy in a predetermined point marked by red smoke. 


Infantry will charge the enemy toy box, except in campaign where they will enter enemy infantry spawn points. Infantry will constantly trip, wave their guns in the air, and occasionally shoot (though they are inaccurate). Elite Infantry act the same, the difference being they can actually hit a random target, causing damage. 

Trivia: Some soviet infantry wear a Tank crew helmet, which is odd considering they are infantry.

When regular infantry shoot, they will only hit what is directly in front of them.

In the first mission of the campaign and all Napalm DLC missions, regular infantry wear blur Pajamas, straw hats, and use AK-47s. These represent the Vietcong, who wore a similar uniform.