The machine gun is the default gun commonly used on Cold War. It has 3 variants.


  • Level I - An HMG (the 50. cal Browning M2) with average and limited zoom.
  • Level II - Dual LMGs (2 M60s) with high power scope and boosted rate of fire.
  • Level III - A 20mm Phalanx Gun System with an extreme Rate of fire with no cooldown and an M79 "Blooper" grenade launcher which replaces the secondary function of a zoom feature.

Soviet UnionEdit

  • Level I - A PKM with a high rate of fire and average zoom capabilities.
  • Level II - A dual wield LMG turret with zoom-in scope.
  • Level III - A large machine gun that shoots a bullet spread, deals great damage at close range but is entirely uneffective at longer distances unlike its American counterpart. secondary attack fires grenades.