Vehicles are weapons such as Helicopters, Tanks, and Fighter Jets that can only be used by the players and bots. They can be used in Versus, Survival, and Campaign.

All vehicles have a battery life and if this battery life is extinguished the vehicles will explode and be replaced (Except on Hardcore Survival).

This page is an overlook of all the vehicles in Toy Soldiers: Cold War

This section covers only the vehicles that can be player driven.

Air VehiclesEdit

All helicopters in Toy Soldiers: Cold War have their own unique abilities such as dropping of troops, night vision, etc.

Attack Helicopters:

The U.S. attack Helicopter is a AH-64 Apache gunship that has 2 Air to Air missiles 12 Air to ground missile and a machine gun that has 400 rounds when this ammunition is depleted it will be replaced in a matter of seconds. The AH-64 also comes equipped with night vision.

The Soviet Attack helicopter is a Mi-24 Hind that has the same identical abilities and weaponry as the AH-64.

Troop Transport:

The U.S. Troop Transport Helicopter is a Bell UH-1 Iroquois (Huey) thats has dual miniguns on the sides with 400 rounds of ammunition and dual rocket pods on the sides with 12 rockets (six rockets per side) and as a bot controlled can drop off troops.

The Soviet Troop Transport Helicopter is a Mi-8 Hip with the same Identical abilities as the UH-1.

Fighter Jets:

The U.S. Fighter Jet is a F-14 Tomcat that has a mounted machine gun, 8 multiple role missiles, and 8 napalm bombs. And under the control of a bot with constantly drop napalm on the players turrets and is able to go above super sonic speeds.

The Soviet fighter Jet is a MIG-23, and has the same identical abilities as the F-14.

Ground VehiclesEdit

Medium Tanks:

The U.S. Medium Tank is an M48 Patton, which is a lightly armored tank that can be easily destroyed by Level II Artillery and Anti-Tank turrets has a cannon and a single machine turret

The Soviet Medium Tank is a T-55 and has the same attributes as the U.S. Medium Tank.

Heavy Tanks:

The U.S. Heavy Tank is a M1 Abrams tank with a 120mm cannon and dual machine guns on the top of the turret and is heavily armored

The Soviet Heavy Tank is a T-80, and has the same attributes as the M1.

Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs)

The U.S. Infantry Fighting Vehicle is a M2 Bradley with a rapid fire 30mm cannon 2 rockets that if Left Trigger is held shell cam can be entered.

The Soviet Infantry Fighting Vehicle is a BMP-1 with the same attributes as the M2.